Are you ready for the challenges and opportunities facing human wellbeing tomorrow?

Thu, 09/19/2019 - 09:10

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At Health Design 2019 15th of October you can learn about the future in order to develop care with local and global impact. We also exhibit innovations from industry and startups that improve lives from hospitals to homes.

Health Design is an annual event where Health, Design and Technology leaders meet with Architects, Investors and Policy makers to discuss the best ideas for the future of Wellbeing. Early bird tickets 149€ (200€) until 20.9!

This year we will focus on questions such as:
• What is the future of wellbeing in tomorrow’s society?
• What should be considered when building the hospitals of the future?
• How data and digitalization change public and individual wellbeing tomorrow?

See the detailed program on our website:
Including 20 000€ Health Design Pitching contest & award party with refreshments
Sponsor: Instrumentarium Science Foundation:

Health Design 2019 is organized by: Northbay, Healthtech Finland and HUS in partnership with Aalto University.

Full list of partners, sponsors and supporters: