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FINBB and Finnish Biobanks Announce a Collaboration with Bayer on the Use of Finnish Biobank Samples, Biodata and Services

Finnish biobanks and Finnish Biobank Cooperative - FINBB have initiated a collaboration with the life science company Bayer AG. The collaboration enables the global use of biobank samples in Bayer’s medical research. The aim of the collaboration is the mutual interest to enhance medical research and product development.

Bayer plans to perform several research projects, for example with respect to molecular characteristics of various diseases. For this purpose, Bayer will collect and analyze historic patient samples and evaluate the associated clinical data collected from the same patients.

FINBB manages the digital one-stop Fingenious® channel that provides access to historic patient samples as well as to their associated clinical data in accordance with the Finnish Biobank Act.

"Public-private partnership with R&D focused innovative pharmaceutical companies like Bayer AG is crucial so that the Finnish biobank services and research can be utilized for the good of patients. We are very pleased about this cooperation that is expected to speed up the transfer of research results to clinical patient care, says Marco Hautalahti, CEO of FINBB."

Tarja Jalava, Director Head of Clinical Project Management II, Oncology Strategic Business of Bayer, believes that the collaboration will be useful for patients and for the whole healthcare industry:

"Based on our successful pilots with Auria, Helsinki and THL biobanks we are pleased to go for a nationwide approach with their new umbrella organization, FINBB. The collaboration with FINBB supports to increase efficiencies and harmonization and thus strengthening Finland's position as a biobank country."

The collaboration includes the collections of biobank samples, biodata, and services from all public biobanks in Finland: Arctic Biobank, Auria Biobank, Biobank Borealis, Biobank of Central Finland, Biobank of Eastern Finland, Finnish Clinical Biobank Tampere, Helsinki Biobank and Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) Biobank. All services will be delivered by the digital Fingenious® service - 1st in class in Europe.

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Interview requests and further information:
Marjo Mäkipää
Communications and External Affairs Manager, Bayer Nordic
Mobile: +358 45 691 3881

Marco Hautalahti
Mobile: +358 40 049 3613