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Interested in Medical Technology? Get a Master’s degree!

Thu, 12/03/2020 - 12:05

You have probably heard that medical technology is a strong and fast growing field of technology in Finland. There are large international companies leading the way and an ecosystem of hundreds of startups enabling new growth in this field. Employment opportunities are bright and future looks promising.

Medical technology has special requirements compared to other fields developing and utilizing ICT. If you have experience in SW, HW or ICT service development and you are doing or planning to do Research, Development or Innovation in the field of medical technology, you need to know these special requirements and how these are applied in practice.

Now you have a possibility to learn more about medical technology and get a Master’s degree! Information Technology Master’s Programme in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences offers two specialization paths: Networking and Services, and Medical Technology. Studies starts in August 2021. Application period is January 7-20 2021.

To whom this is intended

Medical Technology specialization path focuses on medical devices including software. Studies are tailored for professionals working in business, industry and public sector, who want to deepen their knowledge, skills and competences in medical technology to capture new career opportunities for the future. Studies enable novel career prospects for professionals, with previous degree, for example from ICT, health informatics, automation, electronics or electrical engineering. The programme suits for professionals already working in the field of medical or health technology or those who are willing to work in this field. A Master’s degree is often a prerequisite for management positions. To enter this Master Degree Programme, a Bachelor level engineering degree and at least two years of working life experience are required.

Content of the studies

Medical Technology studies focuses on medical devices, medical device context of use, and regulation that controls the devices themselves but also business related medical devices. Medical devices are defined in EU regulation 2017/745. Medical devices are intended, for example, for diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, prediction, prognosis, treatment of disease. Device can be e.g. medical imaging device, patient monitor, software, system or Artificial Intelligence. EU regulation sets strict requirements for medical devices used in European markets. Medical devices are used in different clinical environments, by various users and under defined care guidelines and processes. Devices must suit for their intended purpose and achieve the performance intended by manufacturer, and the use of devices must be safe.

Courses and Master’s thesis

The Medical Technology studies extent is 60 ECTS and it is divided into courses (30 ECTS) and Master’s thesis (30 ECTS). Studies include following courses. Medical Devices and Environments of Use (5 ECTS) focuses on medical devices including software, clinical environments where medical devices are used, and requirements that the context of use gives to medical devices. Regulations and Standards (5 ECTS) gives the latest information related to medical device regulation and essential standards used to fulfill the requirements originated from the regulation. Safety related Usability (5 ECTS) offers tools for improving usability and taking safety of use into account when developing medical devices. Medical Device Life Cycle (5 ECTS) provides understanding of medical device life cycle that is highly dependent on strict requirements for safety, performance and suitability to intended purpose of use. Research Methods and Skills (5 ECTS) offers the required knowledge to prepare and facilitate a high quality Master’s thesis. Student chooses Elective course (5 ECTS) from Metropolia UAS Master’s Degree Programmes or elsewhere, Elective course can also be Master level online course.

In Master’s thesis, a research and development project is planned, implemented and evaluated in co-operation with working life. High-quality background information and proper R&D methods are used to develop novel practices and/or solve problems for authentic working life cases. Thesis is a written report of this project produced according to the given guidelines, the results are presented also in final seminar.


Essential competences achieved in Medical Technology studies are:

1) Understanding the requirements set by legislation for manufacturer and other parties involved, and medical device context of clinical use,

2) Managing methods and tools used for responding to the requirements of the legislation, defining requirements and developing safe and usable medical devices, and

3) Applying learned knowledge and skills in medical devices life cycle in practice.


The Medical Technology studies is implemented in the following way. The first study year (autumn 2021 - spring 2022) focuses on the above-mentioned courses, and planning and conducting Master’s thesis. There will be face-to-face teaching and workshops on two consecutive days once a month, and online teaching and individual guidance related to the assignments on two consecutive days once a month. Second study year (autumn 2022) focuses on finalizing Master’s thesis and there will be online workshops once a month.

If you are interested participating to this programme, please get more information about the content, time table and enrollment information etc. from our web page: https://www.metropolia.fi/en/academics/masters-degrees/information-technology