Top Data Science with Morpho Partners for Competitive Advantage in Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Fri, 09/29/2017 - 11:09

Morpho Inc. and Top Data Science Ltd. entered a mutual strategic partnership to collaborate on the advancement of Deep Learning and Computer Vision Technologies. By combining the expertise on Computer Vision and Deep Learning of Top Data Science with Morpho’s contributions to the field of mobile and embedded image processing and analysis, the alliance seeks to deliver high accuracy and high-quality Computer Vision solutions that cater to the needs of the industry.

Masaki Hiraga, President of Morpho, has made the following comment. “With Finland drawing increasing attention in recent years as a country where many cuttingedge companies in the mobile and internet sectors have established operations, Morpho is delighted at the business tie-up with Top Data Science that has been concluded. Top Data Science enjoys an outstanding record of technical research in Computer Vision and Deep Learning, especially for healthcare and industrial IoT. By leveraging the strengths of the two companies, Morpho will move forward with the collaboration and continue to offer computer solutions on a global basis going forward.”

Top Data Science is a Finnish data science company focusing on AI powered Computer Vision and Deep Learning solutions and development services. The company is working and partnering with several corporate customers in technology, healthcare and IoT. Top Data Science is based in Helsinki, Finland.

Morpho, Inc. was established in 2004, Morpho is a research and development-led company in image processing technology. It has globally expanded its advanced image processing technology as embedded software, for domestic and overseas customers centered on the smartphone market, broadcasting stations and content providers. It has also provided image recognition technology utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), collecting image information captured by cameras into devices and clouds and analyzing it, for fields such as automotive devices, factory automation, and medical care. Morpho will provide broad support, making a wide range of innovations happen with its imaging technology and Deep Learning technology.


Timo Heikkinen, CEO, Top Data Science Ltd.
Phone: +358 40 589 4400