Genome Industry SIG

Genome Industry SIG


The Genome Industry Special Interest Group (SIG) of Healthtech Finland is a community of Finnish health tech companies that aims to accelerate the production and application of genomic data and genetic tests in health care and for people's wellbeing overall.

In doing so, one of the key objectives of the Genome Industry SIG is to support the inclusion of the technologies and service solutions, developed by the genome industry companies, in the public service solutions in Finland. Successful collaboration with the Finnish public sector will also serve as a strong reference for the companies in their international operations.

The member community of the Genome Industry SIG represents all the major genome industry areas.

As for the genetic tests, there are roughly two types: first, medical genetic tests used by professionals in health care, and, second, tests available for consumers. Most of the genetic tests, even the medical ones, fall into the category of consumer products, as they are available at pharmacies and online stores. Genetic tests require bioinformatics, which enable the processing and combination of the produced genetic data. This is a process that enables interpreting the results of the genetic tests.

The health care sector in Finland needs more professionals that have the knowledge of interpreting genetic data. There is a significant need for education and trainings in this field in Finland.

The members of the Genome Industry SIG:

•    Abomics
•    BC Platforms
•    FINBB Biobank
•    DiagFactor
•    Euformatics
•    Genevia
•    HUS Helsinki University Hospital
•    Kasve
•    Duodecim
•    Pharmaceutical Information Centre
•    Mectalent Medical Services
•    MediSapiens
•    Modulight
•    Negen