Upgraded startup SIG

Health & wellbeing startups and innovations unite with the wider healthtech community! Welcome to Upgraded – part of Healthtech Finland.

Upgradeds startup operations have merged into the operations of Healthtech Finland and will continue as Upgraded startup Special Interest Group (SIG). 

This webpage will be updated soon as we continue the transition period.

Healthtech Finland and Upgraded will work together towards our common goals of providing a vibrant industry community for sharing experiences and ideas, as well as communicating industry perspectives to decision- and policy-makers. Startups benefit from being part of a larger association with a wide network and collaborations within the entire health field as well as powerful channels of influence. Healthtech Finland provides important regulatory support through its many working groups, which have meetings one a month. The opportunities for cooperation between companies of different sizes are improved.

More information in this press release: https://healthtech.teknologiateollisuus.fi/en/ajankohtaista/upgraded-health-startup-organization-finland-joins-forces-healthtech-finland

All members of the Upgraded SIG will receive Healthtech Finland's weekly member letter. So stay tuned of our activities and of the health startup scene in Finland!

The activities of Upgraded SIG are open to all Members of Healthtech Finland. Correspondingly all Members of the Upgraded SIG are invited to join the wider activities of Healthtech Finland, such as any of the regulatory working groups or Genomics SIG.