Optomed’s fundus camera to be clinically tested

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Optomed, an Oulu-based medical technology company that specializes in retinal imaging devices, has reached another milestone in its growth process.

It has received about 2 million euro funding from Horizon 2020, the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme for small and medium-sized enterprises. This financial support is meant for testing solutions which use automatic screening systems for eye diseases.

’’We want to offer a cost-efficient solution to make eye disease screenings available for everyone, ‘’ Seppo Kopsala, CEO at Optomed, says.

Retinal imaging is very important, for example, in the case of diabetic retinopathy. If its symptoms aren’t recognised in time, it may lead to blindness.

’’One-third of the diabetics faces partial or total loss of vision at some point. Millions of people lose their sight each year. In some cases, this could be prevented, ‘’ Kopsala continues.

At present, there are 500 million diabetics in the world. Additionally, there are many who haven’t even been diagnosed and those who have no access to testing.

Optomed has developed solutions that provide high quality retinal imaging with one portable device. Its key product is Smartscope® PRO, the next generation hand-held fundus camera which fulfills international ISO 10940 standard requirements. It is used for diagnosis of various eye diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and AMD.

Smartscope PRO is able to analyse a fundus image in just 20 seconds. This guarantees a really quick diagnosis. The device comes with Patient Data Management software with full DICOM and PACS compliance to ensure seamless interoperability with hospital networks and practice management systems.

According to Kopsala, the use of Optomed’s solutions will also significantly reduce the cost of the eye ground screening.

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Seppo Kopsala
CEO at Optomed