Regulatory support

Support for legislative competence
The health sector is heavily regulated. Healthtech Finland's working groups take over regulatory matters together.

There are three working groups:

Health Software and Data (TOD), Chaired by Mika Siitonen, Labquality
Medical Devices (MD), chaired by Hannele Toroi, Clinipower
In Vitro Diagnostic Equipment (IVD), the group is looking for a new chair!

In the working group meetings, the theme and visiting experts are changing. The main language in the working groups is Finnish, but presentations may be held in English depending on the expert.

The Chair, the Secretary and the representative of the Healthtech will be present at the meetings. Participants of the working groups have no obligations, but questions are welcome and participants may join the discussion.

The secretary of the meetings is Päivi Ahlgren, Healthtech Finland, the working groups are coordinated by Sandra Liede, Healthtech Finland.