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Cocir Annual 2022 General Assembly Public Session: Personalised Healthcare dream or reality?

Cocir Annual 2022 General Assembly Public Session Tuesday 17 May 2022.

Healthtech Finland is a member of Cocir and will be joining the Annual 2022 General Assembly on Tuesday 17 May 2022. The Assembly will be followed by a Public Session and all interested stakeholders are invited to join.

Personalised Healthcare dream or reality? 

The time of a “one size fits all” model of healthcare delivery has passed. Personalised healthcare should constitute the core of healthcare provision in the future. Along the entire care continuum, the aim is to tailor interventions to the individual characteristics of the patient – providing the right care to the right person at the right time.

Medical, biotech and digital health technologies are key in fulfilling the promise of personalised healthcare. Data and digitalization are changing both professional healthcare and consumer markets, allowing to collect, exchange and use valuable health data. Available technologies can already enable patient-centric approach in the real world and open the doors for fully personalised and integrated prevention, treatment and care. Early and definitive diagnosis combines information from medical imaging, digital pathology, genomics and other clinical and patient data to deliver first-time right diagnoses within and outside of the hospital.

Combining deep data from both personal measurements and professional healthcare solutions creates a rich and comprehensive overview of people’s health to give more (contextual) insights to care teams which leads to more precise diagnostics and health management strategy. Personalised treatment based on patient individual data improves individual health outcomes and fosters more proactive patients’ participation in their health management.

Several EU initiatives should contribute to making personalised healthcare in the EU a success. Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and the Healthier Together Initiative aim to tackle non-communicable diseases at all stages of the care continuum. Legislative initiative, including the Data Act, the European Health Data Space, and the Artificial Intelligence Act, will have a major impact on what personalised healthcare innovation will reach the European market in the future.

This event will provide an overview of what is already possible in today’s healthcare and what actions are necessary to truly make personalised healthcare a reality.