Develop corporate responsibility

Develop corporate responsibility
Responsibility is an important part of all business operations. A responsible organization works in the most sustainable way possible and consider also its stakeholders. The focus is on building long-term success and maintaining sustainable competitiveness.

Most of the members of Healthtech Finland are export companies, which is why markets' requirements, in addition to Finland and Europe, needs to be considered. This may be voluntary or in accordance with sustainability standards. A successful business anticipates, and does not expect, that pressure from outside will require action.

Ethics is an important part of accountability. New technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics still require extensive discussion. Many times, these solutions replace heavy or routine work done by humans. The machine always operates at standard power and precision. However, if mistakes occur, it will lead to discussion whether we accept the mistakes made by machine and how it differs from mistakes made by a man. The manufacturer is responsible for errors, which encourage companies for continuous improvement. The patient safety is always the most important focus!

Ethics in procurement is also important to maintain fair competition in the market. As an association, we encourage our members to consider business responsibility in any situation. An important tool is the Code of Conduct, which also applies to competition, compliance with international trade rules, intellectual property rights, financial controls, improper payments, etc. These guidelines are strict and binding for the company's employees.

Corporate responsibility takes all industries outside of their comfort zone. In the health sector, recycling, savings in energy and material, or low carbon emissions are themes that companies need to prepare for.

Responsibility is collaboration and learning new. Responsibility is also transparency and participation in social discussion. It's a path to the future! You should start your journey now at the latest!