Healthtech industry in Finland



Health technology is a rapidly growing industry of today and of the future both globally and in Finland. It is also one of the fastest growing high-tech export sector in Finland. In 2022 the value of health technology products exports exceeded 2,7 billion euros and the trade surplus was more than 1,2 billion euros. The exports of grew by 6 % over the previous year. In the past 20 years, exports by the sector have increased with 16 billion euros trade surplus. The sector employs over 13 000 people in Finland. More information in our latest publication.

Various forms of measuring and imaging and other medical devices as well as IVD diagnostics and laboratory equipments used in therapy and rehabilitation are some of the more conventional areas of health care. Many companies also have digital services related to the above. International comparisons show that health tech companies engage in extensive research and development in Finland and manufacture most of their products here, too.

The health industry as a whole uses the latest technologies, including industrial internet or the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics as well as expert services associated with clinical research and regulations, for example.

Health tech is a part of the larger health sector, which includes health tech, pharmaceuticals, the public health care and social services system and private health care services.