Healthtech Finland is an industry association and part of Technology Industries of Finland. Healthtech Finland is also a community: we foster our industry’s growth and collective knowledge by being a platform for cooperation.

Board 2021

Veli Mäkelä, Planmeca Oy (Chair)
Risto Rossi, GE Healthcare Finland Oy (Vice Chair)

Stefan Baggström, Gofore Oyj
Elias Haapakorva, Kasve Oy
Mika Hagberg, Paree Group Oy
Rainer Harjunpää, PaloDex Oy
Pasi Hatakka, Mariachi Oy
Timo Heikkinen, Top Data Science Oy
Tommi Kaasalainen, Euformatics Oy
Timo Koistinen, Luona Hoiva Oy
Eetu Koski, Evondos Oy
Miikka Maijala, Clinius Oy
Seppo Orsila, Modulight Oy
Minna Palhamo
Tero Silvola, BC Platforms Oy
Rina Wahlroos, Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy

Saara Hassinen, Healthtech Finland (Secretary of the board)





Contact information



Saara Hassinen
Managing Director
tel. +358 40 531 1661

Sandra Liede








Sandra Liede
Lawyer, Regulatory Affairs
tel. +358 40 700 1658





Antton Lounasheimo
tel. +358 50 555 5902