Healthtech companies in Finland invited to apply for temporary data security development support, i.e. a security voucher, in December

On 13 October 2022, the Government of Finland adopted a Decree on Support for the Development of Information Security. The Regulation will enter into force on 1 December 2022, allowing companies in critical sectors (including health) to apply for a security voucher to ensure a high level of security and data protection in Finland.

The cyber environment, i.e. the context in which electronic and connected systems operate, has changed significantly due to the security situation in Europe and the global COVID-19 pandemic. It is therefore important to ensure a high level of data security and data protection in the information systems of both private and public sector entities, in particular in critical sectors such as healthcare.

In Finland, the role and actions of businesses are key to securing the cyber environment in healthcare. However, many SMEs may not have their own resources or know-how to develop cybersecurity and therefore need support.

Support for the development of information security will enable companies to rapidly increase the level of cybersecurity within the organization and to take targeted cybersecurity-enhancing measures.

Increasing the level of cybersecurity in organizations is reflected also, among other things, in better data protection for citizens. At the same time, developing business security will also improve security of supply and strengthen resilience.

The security voucher has two size categories

The smaller voucher is max. EUR 15000. This smaller voucher can be used, for example, for the verification and evaluation of information systems, the acquisition of security improvements, the training of staff and the development of skills.

A larger security voucher is intended for threat modelling and anti-attack testing, testing the level of preparedness of key electronic services and emerging immediate information security measures, with a maximum value of EUR 100000. A higher security voucher could cover 70 % of the costs of the security project, i.e. the co-financing of the project by the applicant would be 30 %.

Support is directed to the development of information security in Finland

The security voucher cannot be directed at developing the security of companies’ overseas offices. The support can also contribute to the development of information security skills in enterprises, in cooperation with universities, based on the latest research knowledge.

The security voucher is issued on application by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency’s Cybersecurity Centre from 1 December 2022. Original press release

On 30 November 2022, members of Healthtech Finland will have the opportunity to participate in an event on digital risk management (in Finnish) organized in cooperation with the Cyber Sector Association. The event will allow healthtech companies to network with cyber companies.

Cybersecurity issues in the field of health technology are also addressed in Healthtech Finland's software and data working group.