MediSapiens releases 1.2 version of Genomics Software Suite

MediSapiens is excited to launch the evolution of its Genomics Software Suite (GSS), version 1.2.

GSS is a scalable, adaptable SaaS solution for data-driven operations. GSS allows our partners to use and apply large cohorts of omics data with a fast return of results. It offers great flexibility in managing omics data sources, combining these from different locations, and adding one’s favorite applications, ranging from command line interfaces to extensive graphical user interfaces.

The 1.2 version provides an evolution in the capabilities for data-driven research and applications for pharma, hospital groups, researchers, and life science operators, using the operational experience of our GSS users, the MediSapiens development roadmap, and discussions with potential GSS adapters.


Features of GSS 1.2 include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing, validating, and applying polygenic risk scores
  • Granular cohort building with precise details (e.g., with clinical and genomic filters)
  • Variant queries, including RSID and consequence filtering and sample counts
  • Custom graphs with cohort building
  • Association analytics (e.g., LD calculation)
  • Improved annotations (e.g., PheWAS catalog)
  • Data exploration workflows


The GSS architecture is created for scalability, integrability, fast return of results and low operating costs.

GSS is cloud-based providing strict security, high-availability, and the auto-scaling of resources for the best performance at the lowest possible costs. GSS benefits from Kubernetes, Terraform and dockerization.

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