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Healthtech Finland is a meeting place for Finnish and international health technology companies of different sizes and different stages of development. Healthtech Finland's strategy aims to facilitate the growth and internationalization of health technology companies. Healthtech Finland is part of the Technology Industries of Finland, which promotes the competitiveness and operating conditions of Finnish technology companies.

Jäsenhakemus / Membership application


Cooperation between member companies is carried out in regulatory working groups where information, cooperation ideas and peer support is shared.

The Genome Industry Special Interest Group (SIG) of Healthtech Finland is a community of Finnish health tech companies operating in the field of genomics. The group is influencing legislation regulating the utilization of genomic information.

In addition to these, the association coordinates the ISOT (Problems of Aging Finland) network, which aims to promote the utilization of technology in the care of elderly and especially in home care. This, like the Working Groups and the Genome Industry Group are open to all members.

The association is a member of the European Cocir. Through the Cocir membership association can influence current industry affairs on the EU agenda. Similarly, the association follows the activities of another European organization, Digital Europe.

The association aims to achieve a favorable environment more broadly for health technology companies and their solutions. The association carries out influencing in cooperation with its stakeholders. The domestic market is a reference market for companies, which also leads for successful exports.

In addition to working groups, the association organizes webinars and workshops. Member letters are sent weekly. The Spring Meeting is be held in May and the Autumn Meeting in December.

Members get a 12-month access to the Qaira-information service for monitoring legal requirements. After a year, members receive a discount of the service.

The association provides industry information for the use of members and stakeholders.

The membership fee is decided at the autumn meeting.


The membership fee is based on turnover related to health technology:
• Turnover less than 0.5 million euros: EUR 500 (VAT 0%)
• Turnover 0.5-2 million euros: EUR 550 (VAT 0%)
• Turnover 2-55 million euros: 0.0275% of the turnover (VAT 0%).
• Turnover over EUR 55 million: EUR 15.125 (0% VAT)
• The membership fee for support members is EUR 1,320 (VAT 0%).

Additional information:
Saara Hassinen, tel. 040 5311 661, saara.hassinen[at]