Gothenburg Health Ecosystem Metro Map

The Health Ecosystem Mapping is a project created and developed by Upgraded, powered by Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.


Life-science is one of Gothenburg fastest-growing industries.

The whole ecosystem is well-connected: the three strategic science parks collaborate with each other and with universities and other key players. Programs such as Medtech4Health and SWElife are under the Swedish “strategic innovation program” and aim at facilitating the collaboration between businesses, organisations and academia. The city is the leading centre for clinical trials in Sweden, and one of Europe’s largest clinical research hot spots. It has the highest concentration of testbeds in the country. Key research and innovation areas include infection and immunology, metabolic diseases, oncology, cell and gene therapy, ageing research, imaging technologies, biotech and medical devices. The ecosystem is characterized by the numerous corporates located in the region with Volvo, Ericsson, IBM and AstraZeneca being among them. Those large businesses facilitate collaborations between startups, academia and authorities. AstraZeneca has established one of its three globally strategic centres in the city: AstraZeneca Bioventure Hub. It offers resources and expertise to academic groups and biotech companies and provides them with the opportunity to interact with big pharma and each other. Gothenburg is also home to Vitalis, one of the largest eHealth events in Scandinavia which yearly attracts over 6000 attendees.