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Upgraded members can join Healthtech Finland without a fee for the rest of the year 2022.

Next year, the membership fee will be €250 if the turnover is less than €0.5 million.

The other membership fees will be decided by the annual meeting on 9 December 2022. Fees are expected to remain at the same level in 2023. Membership fees will be billed in summer 2023.

Current fees (2022):

Upgraded startup membership fee: EUR 190 (VAT 0%)

Turnover between EUR 0.5-2 million: EUR 550 (VAT 0%)

Turnover between EUR 2-55 million: EUR 0.0275 % of turnover (VAT 0%)

Turnover over EUR 55 million: EUR 15.125 (VAT 0%)

All members of Healthtech Finland are welcome to join the activities of Upgraded SIG. 

Additional information: Saara Hassinen, tel. +358 40 5311 661