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COVID-19 rehabilitation expert to provide insights at an industry seminar in Dubai

Thu, 01/27/2022 - 07:59

Italian medic backs exercise solutions to treat long-term effects of coronavirus

An expert in cardiovascular rehabilitation is in Dubai to share his expertise and insights in treating the long-term effects of COVID-19. Dr Piero Clavario, Director and Chief Physician at the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center, ASL 3, Genoa, Italy, will present his research and experience using HUR equipment to treat long COVID patients at an industry seminar. Practising in one of the first and most badly affected European regions to be hit by the outbreak, Dr Clavario has been on the frontline of tackling the disease, both in the treatment and rehabilitation phases. Dr Clavario and his team have treated several hundred Covid-survivors released from hospitals in the region.

Dr Clavario said: "These included both patients intubated in ICU and those who spent shorter times in hospitals. We investigated aspects that escape standard virological and pulmonary exams. Half of those treated had psychological problems, 15% of them had PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

“Each patient was evaluated using multiple tests by a team of doctors, cardiologists, neurologists, psychologists and physicians. What surprised me was that even the patients that had not spent any time in the ICU were extremely feeble. There was no evidence of a cardiological or pulmonary problem, but they could not even walk up a flight of stairs, with most showing severe muscle weakness. The positive thing was that, after a period of exercise in our gym with HUR equipment, most of them recovered.”

Since the pandemic outbreak, HUR, a specialized computerized exercise solutions provider, has been at the forefront of efforts to help rehabilitate COVID patients worldwide, closely collaborating with the medical research community in the field. Also In the Middle East leading hospitas as the Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital group uses HUR with excellent results.

HUR’s Vice President and Director for the EMEA region, Timo Toivonen, who will speak about designing COVID-proof medical fitness centres and will launch HUR’s latest line of equipment at the industry event, said: “HUR’s new line of equipment minimizes the number of touchpoints using a bracelet which works as an ID to retrieve an individual’s settings and training program. In addition, all materials used in the production, from upholstery and surface coatings, are made with antibacterial and antiviral properties. This enhances the hygiene of medical rehab centres, providing their patients with as safe an environment as possible. Programs developed by Dr Clavario’s Institute and other medical providers can be automatically programmed and implemented.”

As the epidemic continues to spread, an increasing number of people are experiencing the severe and prolonged decline in cardio-respiratory function associated with long-COVID. In addition to the disease itself, this decline in physical well-being opens up susceptibility to other conditions, which will inevitably pose a challenge for healthcare systems in the long term. Hospitals in Europe are already opening COVID rehab centres to address this issue, and governments are allocating resources to cope with this emerging health crisis.

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