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Eurofins Medical Device Testing has started operations in Finland during 2023

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Eurofins Medical Device Testing is a network of laboratories providing scientific services to ensure optimized product launch and lifecycle management. Thanks to its global footprint, harmonized quality systems, expertise and versatile services, Eurofins is a reliable partner for medical device manufacturers. To fully meet customer needs, we offer extensive expertise and capability from product design to market launch through three independent services: consulting, testing and cleaning/sterilization/packaging testing.

We specialize in offering customized and comprehensive solutions for the various needs of medical device manufacturers. We offer a wide range of consulting and expert services with a strong emphasis on regulation. Based on our extensive GMP/GLP/ISO 17025 testing experience, we are committed to offering a service with fast turnaround times, utilizing the latest technology. Our areas of expertise include biocompatibility, chemical characterization, analytical chemistry, microbiology, electronics, and cleaning and packaging testing.

We are able to offer our customers "one stop shop"-type services, where the customer does not have to spend his time requesting services from many places.

This way we save the customer's time, effort and costs

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Sales and Business Development Executive, Finland
Eurofins Medical Device Testing

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