Innokas Medical’s factory enables the cost-efficient mass production of D-Fend Pro Water Traps to GE Healthcare

Wed, 09/13/2017 - 13:41

Innokas Medical and GE Healthcare have worked together in order to optimize the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of the mass-production of GE’s D-Fend Pro Water Trap.

This cooperation includes product development, engineering and manufacturing, for example, within patient monitoring, mammography and nuclear medicine. In addition, Innokas has offered GE Healthcare its product life cycle management as well as quality and regulatory services.

Water Traps are designed to protect patient monitors from moisture, humidity and contaminants, which can harm the respiratory monitoring and, consequently, affect measurement accuracy. Innokas Medical manufactures this product for the use in GE’s respiratory modules in anesthesia and critical care applications.

“We’ve required high-quality and uniform products from Innokas, as well as flexibility to meet the volume change requests and the ability to improve the production efficiency. We have been very happy with Innokas Medical’s way of operation. Together we have been able to improve the production process,” Terho Hoskonen, Managing Director of GE Healthcare Finland says.

By working together Innokas and GE Healthcare have developed the manufacturing process, reduced its costs and increased the annual production capacity of D-Fend Pro Water Trap.

“It is a point of honor for us to act as a manufacturing partner for GE Healthcare and make sure that the manufacturing processes related to their products follows all the required directives and regulations. The cooperation between GE Healthcare and Innokas Medical is still ongoing and its mutual benefits will surely grow also in the future,” Jouni Toijala, CEO at Innokas Medical adds.

Innokas Medical specializes in providing professional medical technology solutions to help customers bring a new medical product to the market. GE Healthcare’s offer ranges from medical imaging, software & IT, patient monitoring and diagnostics to drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies and performance improvement solutions.

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Jouni Toijala
CEO at Innokas Medical