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AI in healthcare – Helsinki leading the way

Artificial intelligence (AI) I is just getting started in healthcare, but the potential to do good is simply tremendous, says Miikka Korja, Chief Innovation Officer at HUS Helsinki University Hospital. With all the talent and expertise accumulated in Helsinki, he believes that health-related AI could well be the next Nokia for Finland.

HUS Helsinki University Hospital is a global forerunner in healthcare AI. The hospital started looking into AI around 2015, studying neural networks within the human brain as well as getting a handle on machine learning. HUS has a digital archive of over 20 million images – truly “Big Data” in the sense that high volumes really provide AI with something to chew on.

“As one of the biggest hospitals in Europe, HUS produces and deals with lots of data – just looking at imaging and monitoring activity, for example,” says Miikka Korja, Chief Innovation Officer at HUS.

For a trained radiologist, it takes a long time to go over, in detail, images from patients’ brains – while a trouble-shooting AI will cover vast numbers of images very effectively. AI can be especially useful in pointing out those cases where there are no problems visible in the images. The actual imaging analysis is still conducted by a human professional.   

Data, AI and best expertise to combat brain disease 

To push deeper into this field at HUS, a development project AI Head Analysis under the umbrella of the CleverHealth Network ecosystem was launched in 2017. The goal of the development project is to improve the treatment of brain diseases by developing diagnostic support tools to help out doctors – and do it together with the corporate world. 

“We want to develop clinically significant image analytics based on artificial intelligence,” Korja outlines the game plan.

According to Korja, the core idea of CleverHealth Network ecosystem is that HUS’s doctors and nurses bring their clinical excellence to the table, while Finnish and international technology companies bring various software and hardware expertise, as well as marketing and business expertise.

AI having massive potential in healthcare

Currently, Korja splits his time working at the Department of Neurosurgery at HUS as a cerebrovascular neurosurgeon and HUS Chief Innovation Officer.

“The potential of AI is so massive, it’s going to totally turn healthcare upside down,” Korja says.

With all the talent and expertise accumulated in Helsinki, Korja believes that health-related AI could well be the next Nokia for Finland.

Miikka Korja will be speaking about AI in healthcare at Radical Health Festival Helsinki in June 2023.

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Radical Health Festival Helsinki: June 12-14, 2023 at Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre (Messukeskus) | #radicalhealthfestival

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