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Health Tech Opportunities in Ukraine

Miltton in partnership with Healthtech Finland and Sailab – Medtech Finland conducted two comprehensive webinars aimed at their members, unveiling the landscape and opportunities within the Health Tech sector in Ukraine amidst its current challenges.

The webinars featured key insights from representatives of Miltton Group and Miltton Ukraine: Jarkko Konttinen, CCO, Kaius Niemi, Deputy CEO, Tetiana Tregobchuk, Head of Miltton Ukraine, Christer Haglund, Chairman of Miltton Ukraine, and Kseniia Lisnycha, project manager.

They shared information regarding the opportunities that lie within Ukraine's Health Tech sector as the country embarks on a path of recovery and reconstruction. The discussions revolved around how Finnish companies can actively participate in this transformative process and outlined the practical steps forward.

Tetiana Tregobchuk presented an overview of the situation in Ukraine, highlighting the resilience of the Ukrainian economy amidst wartime conditions. Ukraine's reconstruction and recovery plan necessitates an estimated USD 486 billion, according to the World Bank's RDNA3. Specifically, the healthcare sector alone is in need of USD 14 billion in investments.

The webinars underscored the Ukrainian HealthTech market's potential for significant growth, projecting an expansion to USD 1.2 billion by 2032, with the high-tech industry expected to reach USD 10 billion by 2025. The MedTech sector, currently ranked second among IT sectors in Ukraine, is anticipated to witness demand for healthcare apps, e-health products, wearable medical devices, and medical diagnostics.

Key attributes such as an exceptional talent pool, technical creativity, efficiency, adaptability, global orientation, public-private collaboration, e-commerce experience, and openness to collaboration were identified as driving forces behind the HealthTech sector's promising potential in Ukraine.

In moving forward, Jarkko Konttinen outlined actionable steps for Finnish companies looking to explore opportunities in the Ukrainian Health Tech sector. He extended an invitation to join a business trip to Kyiv in April and participate in the “Rebuild Ukraine -  Health & Rehabilitation” exhibition and conference, scheduled for June 24-25 in Warsaw. This event will feature a stand organized by Miltton, dedicated to Finnish healthcare companies, marking a pivotal step towards fostering international investment and collaboration in rebuilding Ukraine's war-torn economy.

For further information and to explore how you can participate in the upcoming business trip and exhibition, please contact Jarkko Konttinen, +358 40 5025096