Health Talks: How to Establish Research-Business Collaborations / 24 March 2023



Welcome to the next event from the Health Talks series - health, life sciences and entrepreneurship talks organised by Aalto University, Health Design, Health Hub Tampere, HealthTurku, Healthtech Finland, HiLIFE (University of Helsinki), Kuopio Health, OuluHealth, Terkko Health Hub, Upgraded - part of Healthtech Finland.



In this Health Talks event, three guest speakers will tell more about their experience with establishing collaborations between research groups and companies, to bring new solutions to society and increase the impact of scientific discoveries.

Are you a researcher interested in starting a business collaboration? Or are you a company or startup looking for a research lab to cooperate with? Join us on March 24 to learn more on how you can make this happen.

The event is organized by HiLIFE (University of Helsinki).



  • 9:30 - Welcome to today’s Health Talk by Terkko Health Hub and HiLIFE (University of Helsinki)
  • 9:35 - Caroline Heckman: Research-business collaboration - The researcher perspective
  • 9:50 - Darshan Kumar: Research-business collaboration - The company perspective
  • 10:05 - Juha Klefström: CancerIO - How to run a large public-private partnership
  • 10:20 - Q&A with the speakers
  • 10:55 - Closing words and future Health Talks



Caroline Heckman - Research Director at FIMM-HiLIFEUniversity of Helsinki

Darshan Kumar - Customer Success Manager at Aiforia

Juha Klefström - Research Director at Faculty of Medicine of the University of Helsinki and Director of CancerIO



The event will take place online.

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The event will be recorded and later shared publicly.

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