Members of Upgraded SIG

Adusso - Adusso provides better usability for health informatics and more easygoing user experience for digital services.

Aistihealth - The Aisti Health is an AI powered SaaS platform to improve well-being at work. Aisti service includes assessment, data analytics engine identifying individual and workplace well-being strengths and risks and recommendation algorithm to guide to improve the well-being.

Askel Healthcare - brings the best solution to regenerate cartilage: COPLA® Scaffold is a 3D biodegradable scaffold for cartilage repair in weight-bearing joints.

Buddy Healthcare - BuddyCare is a mobile care coordination and patient engagement platform, which automates clinical pathways in surgery and improves surgery experiences and outcomes for both patients and care providers.

Cerenion - is a science-based university spin-off that develops technology for the measurement of brain function and condition.  CERENION C-TREND® Index offers the first truly objective and practical method to obtain reliable information on the condition and function of the brain.

CutoSense - CutoSense Ltd. is specialized in developing novel wound assessment and treatment systems.

Disior - Disior software turns medical images into numerical data to support fact based diagnosis and treatment planning.

Formulaattori - Formulator is a no-threshold, self-service starting point for mental healthcare that helps the consumer formulate their situation and goals and share it with their clinician for optimal care

Glucostratus - Glucostratus Oy offers digital health solutions for the care of asthma, hypertension and diabetes.

Heart2Save - Heart2Save arrhytmia monitoring reduces the risk strokes and helps you to ensure yourself and your close ones a more care-free everyday life.

Finnadvance - Finnadvance develops miniature chips for the pharmaceutical industry and for research. The chips mimic functions of a human organ and allow for more precise and expedient drug discovery.

Inscripta - Inscripta Medical is a modern and cost-efficient solution designed for dictating, optimizing and storing patient notes onto a company’s health record system.

Kaiku Health - Personalised digital health intervention for every cancer patient.

Koite Health - Koite commercialises revolutionary antibacterial technology to prevent and treat bacteria infections.

Labrox - Labrox (now part of Uniogen) specializes in design, development and manufacturing of multimode plate reader platforms, detection systems, modules and components.

Lean Entries - Lean Entries provides an easy tool for medical device qualification and classification.

Linio Biotech - Linio Biotech is a Finnish biotechnology start-up developing novel human tissue-based solutions that significantly improve people's lives suffering from skin defects.

Lola&Lykke - Lola&Lykke is committed to supporting the wellbeing of mums by developing extraordinary health and wellness products that improve the daily life of mums and by sharing useful content and expert advice to support mothers.

Medigoo - Medigoo provides a wide range of different professional health quick tests which can help you to diagnose your illness without leaving your home.

Moodmetric - The Moodmetric smart ring and app motivate you to make better choices for your own wellbeing every day.

Movendos - Movendos ia a coaching and technology company focusing on promotion of individual health and wellbeing.

NADMED - Accurate and easy way to measure NAD metabolites from any sample type.

Navigil - Navigil enables extended safe independent living at home while improving quality of life, providing peace of mind and saving costs.

Nordic Wellness Group Oy / Nordic Fit Mama - Nordic Fit Mama improves the health and quality of life of mothers with an easy and efficient online solution.

Physilect - Physiotherapy reinvented. Multifunctional medical system based on high-precision contactless sensor.

Precordior - Precordior is saving lives by detecting cardiac diseases with your own smartphone. The CardioSignal mobile app measures micro-motions of your chest and can today detect atrial fibrillation.

Predicell - Predicell works for better healthcare & welfare services by ecosystems, data platform, analytics and preventive care paths.

PulseOn - PulseOn, a pioneer in optical heart rate (OHR) technology, is a high tech company specialized in arrhythmia detection devices and analysis software for professional medical use.

Sensotrend - Self care form for people with diabetes.

Robu - Robu Oy designs and develops easy to use and beautiful applications to healthcare and social sector. Their patient information system saves time for professionals to encounter their customers in a more human way and saves time of filling patient data on a system.

TherMidas - TherMidas' infrared (IR) thermal imaging system is the first medical CE approved IR-thermal imaging application in the world.
Vital Signum - VitalSignum Oy develops easy-to-use solutions and services for reliable remote health monitoring. Beat2Phone is a simple, reliable & easy-to-use electrocardiogram device and phone app for people with heart conditions.

Wellmo MWS - Wellmo’s mission is to help their customers build digital health services that make a difference.