Stockholm Health Ecosystem Metro Map

The Health Ecosystem Mapping is a project created and developed by Upgraded, powered by Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.



Second best producer per capita in the world after Silicon Valley, Stockholm has the reputation of being a unicorn factory.

Besides banking, financing and IT, life-science is one of today ́s strongest industries in the region, with more than 24.000 people working in the sector. The environment is set to encourage research and innovation. The city has invested in hospitals and groundbreaking research infrastructures. Sweden’s laws and regulation are transparent and the country has a well-functioning system for ethical approval. Moreover, the access to large medical databases, registries, biobanks and patient population is easy. Stockholm’s research environment encourages teamwork, collaboration and innovation. There is a strong connection between academia, industry and the healthcare sector. The culture of creation and innovation starts in the city ́s education system, which highly promotes entrepreneurship. Stockholm is the home to some of the best life science and medicine universities, one of them being the renowned Karolinska Institutet. Stockholm’s key expertise includes diverse areas in health tech, biotech, MedTech and pharmaceutical. Some of the city’s strongholds include neuroscience, stem cell, metabolic diseases, cancer, molecular bioscience, ageing and diabetes.