Reykjavík Health Ecosystem Metro Map

The Health Ecosystem Mapping is a project created and developed by Upgraded, powered by Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.



Iceland is located at a strategic point, halfway between Europe and the US and therefore, possesses workforce coming from both continents. The population is relatively small, which makes it easier to penetrate the market at a lower cost. While the country was significantly hit by the 2008 bank collapses, it was quick to recover and is now growing at one of the fastest rates in Europe. The business environment is characterized by low corporate taxes and the availability of green energy resources at affordable prices. When it comes to the health industry, the strongest sectors in Iceland are pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. Reykjavik is the home to world-class companies such as Allergan pharmaceuticals, Alvogen pharmaceuticals, EpiEndo pharmaceuticals and Össur Prosthetics. Iceland is also one of the pioneers in molecular life sciences and particularly strong in the areas of human genetics and cancer research. Reykjavik possesses an impressive academic network and a highly educated population. The University of Iceland, the University of Reykjavik and the University hospital are all involved in the implementation of the Biomedical Center. Its establishment strengthened life-science by implementing core facilities, new equipment and infrastructure. To give a few examples, the center gathers a cell culture facility, a molecular biology facility and a microscope imaging center.